Business Areas - Plastic & Rubber Pyrolysis Plant

Plastic Pyrolysis, a continuous process to convert it to Liquid Fuel.
In this process the long chain hydrocarbon polymer structure is broken down to a very small hydrocarbon molecules chain with the help of catalyst.

The Plastic Pyrolysis Plant made by Ti-pan is a Custom–Based Designed – manufactured and very easy to handle keeping all the necessity safeties and interlocks.

In the basic process of Waste Plastic Pyrolysis, the output of the process is in the form of Liquid fuel, Pyrolysis Gas and the Carbon Black.

Depending on the type of waste material, we have been successful in achieving the output up to 75% of Liquid Fuel, 15% of Pyrolysis Gas and remaining about 10% is in the form of Carbon Black.

   Waste Heat Recovery Systems    Waste Heat Recovery Systems

   Waste Heat Recovery Systems    Waste Heat Recovery Systems