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Engine Jacket and Exhaust System

Engine Jacket and Exhaust System - Manufacturing Facilities

Engine Jacket and Exhaust System - Manufacturing Facilities

Engine Jacket and Exhaust System
Our manufacturing facilities have been approved by below listed inspecting agencies.

  • Lloyds Register of Shipping (Lloyds)
  • Indian Boiler Regulation (IBR)
  • Indian Register of Shipping (IRS)
  • American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)
  • Quest Inspection Services (QIS)
  • Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd.

Engineering Capabilities For Boiler House equipment.

Steam Piping Water Piping Oil Piping
Drain Boiler Feedwater Main Storage to Day Tank & Burner
Blow-down Chemical Dosing. Steam Tracer Heating
Feed Water Heating Cooling Water. Gas and Valves Trains
Common Header    
Soot Blower    
Plant piping including PRS    
Condensate piping    
Coal & Bagasse Handling Gas Piping Ash Handling
Coal crusher Gas Storage to Burner Clinkers breakers
Vibro Screen Fly ash screw conveyors Ash conveyors
Conveyors   Ash bunkers
Dust Extractors    
Coal Bunkers    
Hoppers & Chutes, Cyclones    

Engineering Capabilities for Selection & Sizing of Boiler Auxiliaries.

Feed Pums Valves & Trim I.D/ F.D. Fans
Electrically Driven Safety Valve Electrically Driven
Steam Driven Steam Line Valves Steam Driven
  Blow Down Valves Manual Rotary
  Drain Valves Sequential Panel Operated
  Pressure reducing Valves  
Soot Blowers Steam Separators Instrumentation
Motorized Vortex Cyclone Type Electronic
Motorised Rotary Chevron Type Pneumatic
  Electro Pneumatic  
  PLC Control  


Facilities available in house:

1) Hydraulic Test upto 150 Kg / Cm2.
2) Pneumatic Test: up to 100 PSI
3) Dye Penetrant Test
4) Soap Bubble Test
5) Hardness Test

Facilities available on contract (Tie up with Lloyd’s /IBR approved agency):

1) Radiography
2) Ultrasonic Test
3) Magnetic Test
4) Chemical Test
5) Physical Test
6) Heat-Treatment