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While offering our services since 1997 in the Industrial Heating sector, from 2009 onwards we have diversified some of our strength towards sustainable Energy Solutions, and specifically focusing on the Waste to Energy Solutions.

With lot of dedication and efforts, we have arrived at the following solutions,

  • Waste Plastic & Waste Rubber to Liquid, or Gaseous fuels and
  • Biomass Waste in to Liquid Fuel Oil

  • Today, the world economy is totally dependent on the Energy-Power; everyone is trying to get the economically feasible, easy to use and environmental friendly solution to meet the energy demands.

    To fulfill these demands, many options have been tried for years. And the findings are from various Natural Resources like -
    • Solar Energy
    • Tidal Energy etc.
But all the above solutions are not complete and they also have their own limitations.

Then what is the Solution?

The necessity of finding a long term, Sustainable Energy option was felt and hence the dedicated research was carried out by us.

The results of the research and development are tested on the following key criteria as,
  • It should be Technically Feasible
  • it must be Commercially Viable
  • It should be Environmental Sustainable
  • It should be easy to Transport

Findings of the research:

  • Liquid and Gaseous fuels from Waste Plastic and Rubber’ for Industrial Applications.
  • Liquid fuel oil and Gaseous fuels from Biomass waste.

    The solutions are well known. With our persistent efforts, we have successfully carried out the trials on Lab scale and then on Plant scale.